Hi – I’m Erin, a mother of five children – four boys and a daughter ages 12 to 6 months.  I have felt called to leave my professional career to invest in the lives of my children. I went to college to become “educated”, but lacked knowledge on the most fundamental skill – how to parent. My journey was kick-started with the birth of identical twin sons.  When they were about a year old, I was told that I wouldn’t be able to have children easily… and then a year or so later, our third son came along. I went back into the workforce when he was three years old and worked for the next three years. During this time, I realized the importance I had played by being a constant in his life – when other care givers came into the picture and the influence of his peers. He went to public school along with his older brothers, but I continued to feel pressed upon my heart that I should consider homeschooling as God brought various people into my life.  We had another son and I was faced with the fact that if I wanted to make it thru the pregnancy, I needed to lower my stress level, so I said good-bye to my job.  So, when it came time for my middle son to enter first grade, I decided to see how it would go with homeschooling him while the older two stayed in public school.  I discovered that he could learn from his own mother and our relationship began to grow again.  So, the following year, we made the leap and brought the older two home as 5th graders.  God answered prayer and brought people into my life to encourage and inspire me in my homeschooling efforts.  I found that in homeschooling all our boys, it brought them together and fighting became less as they did life together. And our family still grew!  To our surprise, God blessed us with one more little one – a girl this time!

I understand the challenges that Moms face as they juggle homeschooling the older kiddos while raising little ones as well. This blog is created as a resource for inspiration and encouragement for those Mamas needing help in this area.

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