We love StoryBots!

If you have a pre-schooler or kindergartner in the house, then you’ll love StoryBots!


For a month-to-month membership of $4.99 or less depending on the package you go with you can get a lot! (I’m not getting any kick back for sharing this by the way.)  😉

You can download all their worksheets that include each letter of the alphabet, connect the dots, crossword puzzels, and writing letters.  Be sure to save each download to your computer to print on demand when you’re ready to use them.  I print off a letter for the week and our son sits in the same room with his older brothers and colors or traces the letter (depending on the worksheet) and does school with them.

Screen shot 2013-08-06 at 11.56.59 AM

They also have a bunch of free apps that you can download using the links provided within the membership pages for your iPad or iPhone to reinforce what your child is learning.  I can also take the iPad and one of the apps and keep him busy learning letters or enjoying songs for 15-20 minute stints.

StoryBots Apps

StoryBots Apps for Parents

My son’s favorite part of StoryBots is the “Starring You” videos where you can upload a pic (or take a pic with your Web cam) of your child and insert them into the music videos as one of the dancing robots.  And remember, after you watch each video, click on download song link to get the song for free.

StoryBots Starring You Video

And the one thing that I love especially are the individual letter songs – they’re short and full of examples and with the membership, you can download each song for free in addition to watching the video.  If you don’t have the membership, you can always do a keyword search on YouTube for “StoryBots Letter A” and so on and add them to your favorites to rewatch as needed.

Letter Songs by StoryBot

Lots of learning fun!


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