Learning by the Week: Week 1 (Start Here)

Learning by the week is a way to teach your pre-schooler one concept a week (one letter, a number, one color, one shape, and a song) and keep him/her on track so that you can focus on teaching the olders.  This not only organizes you, but provides you with a resource to build leadership skills in your own children where they can pick one thing and teach their younger sibling.  Start with week one and continue by weeks from there. You can spend one week, two weeks, or longer – just be consistent and have fun. In looking at the following list, keep in mind that the goal is not to do everything in one day, nor will you get thru all of it in one week – you pick what sounds like an easy win and add to it from there as time and resources allow.  Remember, repetition is good for little ones, so you will want to show the videos multiple times (I did the letter of the week M, W, F and did review from the previous week on T, Th). A quick note on organizing…

  • I added the following list to our family calendar (we use Macs and iCloud, so each of the older boys can view the list if I invite them and grab one of the items to teach their little brother making it easy to always know what the schedule is for his learning. It also makes it easy to add resources by week as I come across things.)
  • I also created a binder for lil’ man and we add any color sheet, worksheet, or craft to the section so he can go thru and not only enjoy reviewing his work, but it serves as a refresher and keepsake all in one!
  • If you have AppleTV, you will have YouTube access for your larger screen. Search for the video by keyword and save to favorites – that way when you go back to watch again, it makes it easy just to go to your favorites and play them. Easy peasy! 🙂

Feel free to share and jump right in! Ready, set, go!

…………………………..WEEK ONE………………………………..



Color a worksheet featuring the letter A

Cut out foam letter A for alligator & hang up in room or on fridge

Lowercase A Craft Alligator Fun Pack

Letter A Dots

Angel Handprint Craft

Apple Tree Handprint Craft

Practice Writing the Letter A

Playdough: Roll out Letter 3 Snakes to make the letter A

Counting Activity: Grab a muffin tin and some snacks to count


Watch “A” Song StoryBot Video Watch “A” Song Video

Robot ABC Song Video

Five Little Ducks Song

Busy Beavers Count to 10

Elf Marching Numbers

Elf Colors Video

Elf Colors Everywhere Video (song)

Mother Goose Club Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Mother Goose Club One Two Buckle My Shoe

Mother Goose Club Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round


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