Matching Socks Game for your Happy Lil’ Helper


As a homeschooling family, you know that chores still have to get done.  If your house is anything like mine, laundry is never ending and that’s where a little helper can not only feel part of the family, but he can also begin to understand what matching and the words “the same as” mean (which later will come in handy with math). 😉  Enter your need to match up socks.  Our 3 year old loves to be in charge of matching up socks.  He is gradually learning how to fold them inside of each other, but the main thing that keeps him busy is sorting and matching!  His job is to pull them out of the pile and sort the socks.  I love it and his older brothers love it too (because that’s one less thing for them to do – hahaha!)

I should also note that he’s my helper for loading the washing machine when I have his baby sister in the backpack, he’s the perfect height to put the dirty clothes into the front loader (I do the soap and handle the settings) or when the cycle has finished, he moves the clean wet clothes into the dryer when finished.

The added bonus is that he begins to learn that he has responsibilities as being part of a family — and in my opinion, that’s a good thing.


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