Straw Snakes

Copyright 2013 Erin Castillo

Project Items Needed:
1 package of craft shoe ties (you can pick these up from Michaels)
1 package of straws with colors that match your string
1 package of striped straws (optional)
Sharp Scissors
1 Gallon Size Plastic Bag with Zip Closure

Prep Time:
15 minutes
3-4 year old (you want them old enough that they are no longer putting things in mouth.)
Color Matching, Hand-Eye Coordination, Dexterity, Patterns
To Create Your Snake Straw Kit
1. Take and place a knot at the end of one of the string ties – I did my knot about 4-5 times. The key is it needs to be much larger than the diameter of your straw hole.
2. Select straws that match the color of your string ties and cut into smaller pieces, no more than a half inch in length.
Instructions for Toddler:
1. Show him how to thread the end of the string thru the straw and if he keeps going he can make a long “snake”
2. Work on color recognition matching blue straw pieces to the blue string, purple pieces to the purple string, and so forth.  When he has his colors down, move onto patterns, showing two blues then one stripe, two blues, then one stripe and so forth.
3. Teach him to put it back into the plastic bag and zip it closed, then place in his “school bin” for a later use.  Do not give him free access to this bin.

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